Antron specializes in providing a wide range of
services to the pipeline construction industry, including
utility contractors, mechanical contractors, plumbing
contractors, and municipalities throughout the
mid-atlantic region.


  • Wet taps (hot taps) into live
    water mains
  • Core & Seals connecting pipe
    into structures
  • Hydrostatic testing of water mains
  • Disinfection (Chlorination &
    de-chlorination) of water mains
  • CCTV inspection of new sanitary
    mains & storm drains on DVD media
  • Air pressure testing of
    underground mains
  • Vacuum testing of underground
  • State certified bacteria test
    water samplers
  • Flow testing of fire hydrants
  • Concrete coring

Our highly trained field technicians work
efficiently and professionally to keep your
project running smoothly and on time.
Our "customer first" philosophy has helped
us become the premier pipeline construction
services company for any size project.